Will Baker


William Baker is a seasoned musician and a recent graduate of Full Sail University (B.S. in Audio Production). He currently utilizes his own studio with a focus on up and coming bands, helping to hone their sound and organization.

William has played in several elements such as Blue Ridge Rock Festival, and among side large names such as September Mourning, Saul, Puddle of Mudd, Ded, P.O.D., and several others.

William currently uses and supports Ibanez guitars. For his studio, he uses Studio One and utilizes Joey Sturgis, Izotope, and Slate Digital plug-ins. 



Nicholas has been playing guitar for almost 20 years  with the stage being his home. He also was classically trained and received a degree in Fine Arts and Music, and a degree in Music Education.

He has played in various local bands, 3 of which have been nominated for a Carolina Music Award. Some of his biggest influences include Avenged Sevenfold, Nothing More, and All That Remains.

He currently plays with a Schecter Avenger and Schecter Hellraiser into a Line 6 Spyder V Mkii with a Marshall 1960 AV Cabinet.



Caleb Tullos is a 26 year old drummer from Nashville Tennessee.

He has amassed a fruitful YouTube channel with over 2,000 followers. 

Caleb is a religious man but also respectful to other's views, in other words, just a good human being. His dream has always been to play drums and spread his love for music through the crowd.

As a former Army veteran, his work ethic, determination, and leadership abilities have led him through many trials and tribulations but now gets to fulfill his lifelong dream through music.