How To Become A Parasite

Welcome to the home of our fans, Parasites. This is a special place where all of our fans can catch some behind the scenes action of us recording, music videos, and even special merchandise offers.

These are exclusive memberships that WILL include an early listen to new music, helping decide WHICH song will be the next single, and even viewing music videos early!

All of the funds received goes towards costs such as recording, touring, purchasing more or new merchandise, and so on.

Choose which kind of subscription you wish to have and come join the family!

Will, Mark, James, Wes

Monster Subscription


With this SWEET subscription, you will enjoy a hefty 25% discount on all of our merchandise in the store. You will also have access to behind the scenes action that we will NEVER post on social media EVER. You will also be able to hear NEW songs and watch any new music videos 3 days before they are released!

Upon signing up today, you will receive a digital copy of our album, Monster Relived!

Superhero Subscription


Now this package has a PUNCH. With this, you get everything in the Monster Subscription, but you instead get a 50% discount on the merchandise. Instead of hearing new music and watching the video 3 days early, you will get to hear it AS IT IS FINISHED!

You also get the opportunity to help us SELECT which song could be the next single as well as a shout out on our social media accounts!

Lastly you get to interview the band and get to hear 3 songs acoustically.

Upon signing up today, you will receive an awesome care package that contains a signed poster and signed CD!