William Baker


Will is the founding member of Hollow Intent. He's been in music for about 20 years and has been in just about every band activity there is from marching band to all-state. His musical influences are Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Ra, Starset, and others of the same genre. Will has a unique vocality, having the ability to jump from soft cleans to raging screams, and monstrous growls.

Currently, he is involved in the rock/metal scene in North Carolina through his studio and label, Eye to Eye Records, with a primary focus on beginning bands, helping them get to where they need to be, based on his experience. He is also attending Full Sail University where he is working towards his Bachelor's Degree in Audio Production, where he is learning about the inner workings of everything in the industry.

Equipment for shows:
EVH 5150 212 g12-75's
Ibanez Gio
Schecter - Diamond Series
InTune Guitar Picks
D'addario NYXL .11 - .56

Recording/Production Equipment:
Presonus: Studio One 5 Professional
Joey Sturgis Plugins
Izotope Plugins
Slate Digital Plugins
Waves Plugins

Wesley seven


Wesley Seven has been in the music industry for a little over a decade now. From playing in a southern rock band to playing bass in a metalcore band, he delivers the intense riffage you hear in Hollow Intent's thrashy, groove songs as well as a diverse range of solos. Wes is influenced by a wide variety of music but his key elements are Kiss, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Meshuggah, and Napalm Death. 

Wesley Seven uses:
ESP/LTD Guitars
Fishman Pickups
D’Addario Strings
Intunegp Guitar Picks
Peavey Amplifiers
Boss pedals
Pighog cables
Audio Technica Electronics

James DesChamps


Central Massachusetts native, James DesChamps, has been playing bass and guitar for just under 20 years. Having experience in Jazz, Rock, Punk, Reggae, and Metal, he gives a variety of influences through his vast experience to draw on.

His influences include: Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, MXPX, Killswitch Engage, Polaris, Veil of Maya, The Expendables, Bob Marley, and Bless the Fall, just to name a few.

Fender Jazz 4 string
Schecter Stiletto 5 string
Dunlop Picks
Stringjoy and Ernie Ball Strings
Peavey Amps
Korg Tuners

Mark Bradley Davis


Mark Bradley Davis picked up his first pair of drumsticks in 5th grade after receiving a kit for Christmas in 1985. He joined the school band at the earliest age possible in 7th grade and worked on his craft throughout the years. Along the way he was able to be a part of the 4A National Champions High School Marching Band with Lumberton Senior High in 1990 and continued his drum corps training under the tutelage of Vic Firth endorsed instructor Matt Savage at UNC-Chapel Hill while playing snare as a member of The Tar Heels drum line in 1992-1993. Mark was one of 200 drummers asked nationally to try out for Ozzy Osbourne in 1994 but that gig was awarded to Faith No More's Mike Bordin. For the next 25 years he paved his way through the local and regional music scene along the east coast in various bands until hooking up with William Baker to help form Hollow Intent in late 2018. His background includes a variety of influences ranging from KISS, anything Ozzy related, Badlands, COC, all of the Big 4 bands, Pantera, Alice in Chains all the way to 311, Ice-T and the Beastie Boys to round things off. Mark is a product of 80's hair metal and knew he wanted to bang his head ever since he wore out Quiet Riot's Metal Health, Ratt's Out of the Cellar and Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil. Nothing has changed since first experiencing those sonic emotions.


Professionally, Mark continues his career as an educator with almost two decades worth of experience in the classroom at both the high and middle school levels. He currently has a Master's degree in Literacy but prefers to teach history and social studies as a result of his certification and fascination in that area. As a lifelong learner, Mark has taught classes ranging from Musical Theater, World History, Street Law, Current Events, Geography and even Anatomy, just to name a few. His passion for music allowed him to coordinate his own non-profit alternative music program for students entitled "Horry County Students Rock" from 2010-2015. The group developed their talents and played various charity events including gigs at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, Hard Rock Cafe in the same city and the ESPN/Hootie & the Blowfish/Darius Rucker sponsored event "Monday After the Masters" in 2012. Throughout their existence the organization received over $15,000 in grants from the International House of Blues Foundation and NAMM to provide for their instruments and marketing needs. Mark Bradley Davis loves sharing his passion for music with others and this continues to this day. His energetic live performances are definitely getting noticed!


Equipment List:

SJC Custom Drums - Providence Kit (white pearl finish with brass hardware)

SJC Foundation X Hardware

Meinl Dark Classics Customs Cymbals - 14" hi-hats, 21" Ghost Ride, 20" Crash/Ride, 16" Crash, 18" Crash, 18" China, 16" Trash China, 10" Splash, 12" Trash Splash

Xcel Drumsticks - Mark Bradley Davis/Hollow Intent Signature Series Model (16" w/nylon tip)

Evans G2 Batter & Resonant Drum Heads - (10", 12" & 16" tom, 14" snare, 22" bass)