Become a Parasite

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This is where the magic happens!

It has been such an amazing journey for all of us so far and we couldn't have done it without you!

We wanted to offer a better way for all of you to help continue your support so we came up with the wonderful subscription option!

There are 4 tiers in total:
Baby Parasite, Mid-Level Parasite, Parasite, and Superfan. Each of these tiers has their own specific set of awards for being a supporter. Each tier is set up so that you may pay whatever you wish. Although there is a minimum for each tier, if you wish to pay more and not jump to the next tier (Ex: $3 tier, but want to pay $5 vs $7), you may do so!

We will be adding some cool things this year to enhance this experience, including private streams of us making a song, so make sure to stay tuned!
If you wish to become a sponsor of the band (you or your company) please email us at and we can discuss the details. 

Thank you all!

Will, Wes, Chris, James, Mark